Guess you could say that things ain’t exactly been shiny ever since the Miranda Incident became public knowledge. The Alliance brass are scramblin’ like they got a rabid squirrel in their drawers, and that don’t sit too well with them what make their livin’ on the fringes. The Reavers are all fired up, like a swarm a’…well, Reavers, raidin’ all across the outer worlds. Tensions are running high, and sometimes folks just snap. Take last month on Newhall, where six men were found murdered under bizarre circumstances. ‘Course, the killer ain’t been found, hell, he ain’t even been identified but the killin’s got people scared. Times is hard for them that’s tryin’ to keep on flyin’. But there was a sayin’ on Earth-That-Was, “That which don’t kill us, only makes us stronger.” Like Faith and her crew, to exemplify. They got nothin’ but each other and troubles a-plenty. They may not be Big Damn Heroes, but they stick together and carry on. They keep lookin’ for that big score that’ll let ‘em fly off into the sunset. Maybe someday they’ll find it, flying Somewhere South of Heaven, but nothin’ is sure out in the Black.

Somewhere South of Heaven

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