Joshua Creek

Wrench for Hire


Agility: d6
Strength: d8
Vitality: d8
Alertness: d6
Intelligence: d8
Willpower: d6

Initiative: 2d6
Life Points: 14
Endurance: d8+d6
Resistance: 2d8

Guns: d6
• Gunsmithing: d10
• Shotguns: d8
Influence: d6
Mechanical Engineering: d6
• Machinery Maintenance: d10
• Create Mechanical Devices: d10
Perception: d4
Performer: d6
• Singer: d8
• Stringed Instruments: d10
Pilot: d4
Planetary Vehicles: d6
• Ground Vehicle Repair: d10


Shotgun (Damage: d10W, Range: 10, RoF: 2, Clip: 10)
Cortex Terminal, Personal Access
Data Library, Standard
Ship-Linked Handset
CAD Board
Tool Kit, Basic
Tool Kit, Mechanic’s

230.4 Credits


Josh claims that he was born with a wrench in his hand. His folks owned a mechanic’s shop in the Eavesdown Docks, and he spent his early childhood surrounded by things that needed fixing. Everything from toasters and sewing machines to hovercraft engines and pulse drives. He started working in the shop at an early age, assisting his parents and doing clean-up and odd jobs. One summer, a down-on-his-luck traveler was looking to pawn off an old guitar to pay his bill. Feeling sorry for the man, Josh bought the instrument. It wasn’t long before he took an interest in learning to play it. He found a local who played in the bars every Thursday night, and worked out a deal, and soon he was strumming along to some of the tunes on the radio. He never planned on becoming a musician by trade, but he found that he enjoyed the pastime, he found it relaxing and it was a hit with the girls.

Josh has a pretty laid-back attitude about life. He doesn’t have big plans or aspirations. For the most part, he just plans on working in his folk’s shop, and maybe playing a bar every once in a while. He occasionally feels like there’s no aim or focus in his life, but for the most part, he’s just happy riding the winds of fate wherever they may lead.

Joshua Creek

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