Piper "Pip" McGowan

Flies Boats


Agility: d10
Strength: d6
Vitality: d6
Alertness: d8
Intelligence: d6
Willpower: d6

Initiative: 2d10
Life Points: 12
Endurance: 2d6
Resistance: 2d6

Pilot: d6
• Astrogation: d8
• Light Transports: d10
Planetary Vehicles: d6
• Hovercraft: d10
Discipline: d6
• Concentration: d10
Guns: d6
Athletics: d6
• Dodge: d10
Unarmed Combat: d4
Artistry: d6
• Cooking: d8
• Writing: d8

Allure (Minor)
Born Behind the Wheel: Air/Space (Minor)
Sweet and Cheerful (Minor)
Loyal (Minor)
Phobia: Snakes (Minor)
Straight Shooter (Minor)

Sub-Machinegun (Damage: d6W, Range: 60, RoF: 3, Clip: 35)
Ship-Linked Handset
Personal Cortex Terminal
Data-Library: Standard
Cat — “Ranger”

576 Credits


As a girl, Piper McGowan fondly remembers sitting in her father’s lap as he showed her how to fly a shuttle. He owned a small cargo lighter and made his living hauling small loads back and forth to one of Persephone’s moons. Pip was to follow in her Father’s footsteps, and he taught her a lot about flying in the Black growing up. By the time she was twelve, she could fly better than some commercial pilots, although she was too young to get a permit. Things weren’t as shiny as they appeared, though. Bruce McGowan, Pip’s father, was way behind on his payments for his shuttle, and eventually a repo man came to take it back. Bruce protested, and the repo man shot him. Bruce survived the attack, but was paralyzed from the waist down. The shuttle was repossessed, and the family quickly ran out of money. Pip took to working at a diner, struggling to make ends meet, watching her dream of soaring through the Black getting further and further away. Her mother left her father, and he slipped into a deep depression, eventually taking his own life last winter. It was all Pip could do to afford a proper funeral. Through it all, she has remained bright and cheerful, though it has sometimes been a strain on her good nature. She just holds on to the memories of the good times, and dreams at night of the Black.

Piper "Pip" McGowan

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