Agility: d8
Strength: d6
Vitality: d8
Alertness: d8
Intelligence: d6
Willpower: d6

Initiative: 2d8
Life Points: 14
Endurance: d8+d6
Resistance: 2d8

Athletics: d6
Covert: d6
Guns: d6
Melee Weapon Combat: d6
• Knives: d10
Perception: d6
Planetary Vehicles: d6
Ranged Weapons: d6
• Throwing Knife: d10
Survival: d6
Unarmed Combat: d6

Lightnin’ Reflexes (Major)
Nature Lover (Minor)
Two-Fisted (Major)
Traumatic Flashes (Major)
Branded (Minor)
Dead Broke (Minor)
Straight Shooter (Minor)
Superstitious (Minor)
Rebellious (Minor)
Second-Class Citizen (Minor)


Rook will probably never know why the masked men came. All she knows are the nightmares they left behind. After they butchered her family and burned their homestead, she was found and taken in by a nomadic tribe. They followed a tradition of living a spiritual existence, close to nature, and forsaking the trappings of “civilized” society. Most of the locals on Persephone simply considered them primitive, backwater savages. But they took the young girl in, calling her Rook, and brought her up like one of their own.

Living among the nomads has made Rook strong and self-reliant, if somewhat lacking in the social graces. She is sometimes curious about the society she left behind, and often volunteers to go into town when the tribe needs supplies. She is still haunted by nightmares, which sometimes come to call when she’s wide awake. According to her, it is the spirits of her family, calling out for justice. Her elders say she must make things right to be released from the visions, and she actively pursues and news about the masked men. One day, she knows she will find them, and she keeps a knife sharpened for just that day.


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