Zhao Fei

Excitable Gunhand


Agility: d8
Strength: d8
Vitality: d8
Alertness: d6
Intelligence: d6
Willpower: d6

Initiative: d6+d8
Life Points: 16
Endurance: d8+d6
Resistance: 2d8

Athletics: d6
• Dodge: d8
Guns: d6
• Assault Rifles: d8
• Machine Guns: d10
• Pistols: d10
• Rifles: d8
• Shotguns: d10
Melee Weapons: d6
Unarmed Combat: d6
• Kung Fu: d10
Planetary Vehicles: d6
• Cars/Motorbikes: d10
• Hovercraft: d8
• Planetary Vehicle Repair: d10

Fightin’ Type (Major)
Mean Left Hook (Minor)
Tough as Nails (Minor)
Chip on the Shoulder (Minor)
Credo: Never Runs from a Fight (Minor)
Dead Broke (Minor)
Memorable (Minor)

Ballistic Mesh Jacket (1W Protection)
Combat Knife (Damage: d4W)
2 Pistols (Damage: d6W, Range: 100, RoF: 3, Clip: 8)
Sub-Machinegun (Damage: d6W, Range: 60, RoF: 3, Clip: 35)
Shotgun (Damage: d10W, Range: 10, RoF: 2, Clip: 10)
Assault Rifle (Damage: d8W, Range: 150, RoF: 3 Clip: 40)
Ship-Linked Handset

124.9 Credits


When the Zhao family first arrived on Persephone, they were met with extortion and exploitation in the form of the well-established criminal underworld already there. Never ones to be intimidated or manipulated by outsiders, the Zhao carved out a place for their family in the city of Eavesdown through hard work and tenacity. Make that hard work, tenacity, and gratuitous violence. Entire blocks of Eavesdown are patrolled by Zhao street gangs, who enforce the family’s right to practice business and keep out rival gangs.

Zhao Fei grew up around guns and gangs. It was never expected he be anything other than an enforcer for the family. He never had any formal schooling, instead, he learned more useful skills, like how to clean an assault rifle, or shatter a man’s kneecaps. He was running with one of the Zhao gangs by the time he was 12, keeping lookout and running messages and errands. As he got older, he got more responsibility. Eventually, he was given the job of keeping the peace at his Uncle’s saloon, where his younger sister Zhao Lian worked as a card dealer. He enjoyed his work, especially when he got to rough up some idiot who tried to put thier hands on his sister. Truth is he enjoys fighting and gunplay, so much so that the occasional bar brawl just isn’t enough to keep him interested anymore. Zhao Fei is restless, and looking for a chance to prove his courage and skill. That, or just bust some heads and swap some lead. It’s hard to tell, sometimes.

Zhao Fei

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