Zhao Lian



Agility: d8
Strength: d6
Vitality: d6
Alertness: d10
Intelligence: d8
Willpower: d8

Initiative: d10+d8
Life Points: 14
Endurance: d6+d8
Resistance: 2d6

Covert: d6
• Open Locks: d8
• Stealth: d8
• Streetwise: d8
Influence: d6
• Barter: d8
• Persuasion: d10
• Seduction: d8
Perception: d6
• Gambling: d10
• Empathy: d8
• Intuition: d8
Melee Weapons: d6
Unarmed Combat: d6
• Kung Fu: d10

Allure (Minor)
Friends in Low Places (Minor)
Allergy: Bee Stings (Minor)
Hooked: Cigarettes (Minor)
Memorable (Minor)
Phobia: Needles (Minor)

Combat Knife (Damage: d6)
Cortex Terminal, Personal
Ship-Linked Handset
Lockpicks, Electronic

590.8 Credits


Lian was supposed to just be a pretty face, nobody expected the sharp mind that was concealed behind it. She came from a large extended family that ran several businesses in Eavesdown. It was always expected that she go to work for one of the family interests. Her upbringing was distant, to say the least. Work was everything in her family, and both her parents worked exceedingly long hours. She received some basic schooling, but learned more from her older brothers, who ran with a local street gang.

When it was time for her to go to work, she had little say in the matter. She was put to work in a Saloon run by one of her Aunts and Uncles, as an “Attendant” in the bath house. She didn’t complain, despite the fact that she found the work demeaning and little short of prostituting herself. It would be a blemish on her honor to not support her family’s businesses. One night after her shift, she was too bored to go home, and started up a card game with some visiting spacers. As she got into the game and the stakes got higher, she began attracting more attention. By the time her Uncle noticed what was happening, she had already won several weeks wages.

The next day, Lian had a new job. Her Aunt and Uncle bought a professional card table and set Lian up as a dealer. The job came with a great deal more respect, and she took to it quite well. She never tired of relieving a leering yokel of their hard-earned money, and became quite adept at the art of the hustle. However, she has gotten tired recently of handing over most of her winnings to her family, and has decided that family honor is no replacement for self-respect. She has begun to crave freedom to make her own way, and is looking for a way out.

Zhao Lian

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