Knorr-Class Light Transport


Agility: d6
Strength: d4
Vitality: d10
Alertness: d4
Intelligence: d2
Willpower: d4

Initiative: d6+d4
Life Points: 8

Perception: d2
Pilot: d2

Fuel Efficient (Minor)
Everyone Has One (Minor)

Tonnage: 750 Tons
Speed Class: 5 Cruising / 7 Hard Burn
Crew: 3
Crew Quarters: 3
Fuel Capacity: 15 Tons (800 Hours)
Cargo Capacity: 210 Tons
Passenger Capacity: 5
Complexity: Low
Maintenance Costs: 900 Credits

8 Escape Pods
Hover Mule


Faith’s keel was laid six years prior to the outbreak of the Unification War. From day one, she led a hard life, toiling for uncaring masters who saw her as a mere means to make money. She was abused and neglected for years, until the war broke out. She saw use in the war as a gun runner, smuggling supplies of arms and munitions to Independent forces. She got into a couple of scrapes and was eventually captured. She languished in an Alliance impound yard for a year, before being sold at auction and put to work once more. She saw some less-than-savory action on the Rim for a time, changing hands and changing names a few times along the way, before her Captain and Crew were gunned down on a godforsaken moon. Once again, Faith sat planetside for over a year, being used as a shelter by some survivalists, before Ephraim Talbot found her and bought her for a song. This was back before he became a Shepherd, of course, during his days as a badman. Talbot repaired the ailing Faith and took her back out into the Black. For the first time, she was under the ownership of someone who respected and cared for her, and she returned his care with hard work and reliability. Faith served Captain Talbot right up until he became Shepherd Talbot, after he took ill. Since then, she has been mothballed on Persephone, but all of that is about to change.


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