Amnesiac Tech Savant


Agility: d8
Strength: d6
Vitality: d6
Alertness: d8
Intelligence: d8 (d12)
Willpower: d6

Initiative: 2d8
Life Points: 12
Endurance: 2d6
Resistance: 2d6

Athletics: d4
Covert: d6
Guns: d4
Knowledge: d6
Melee Weapon Combat: d6
Perception: d6
Scientific Expertise: d6
Technical Engineering: d6
• Hacking: d10
• Computer Programming: d10
• Electronics: d10
Unarmed Combat: d6

CompuTech (Major)
Cortex Specter (Major)
Cyber-Enhancement (Minor)
Reader (Major)
Deadly Enemy (Minor)
Leaky Brainpan (Major)
Traumatic Flashes (Minor)
Amnesia (Minor)
Shy (Minor)
Dead Broke (Minor)

Cortex Terminal, Personal Access
Ship-Linked Handset

267 Credits


Once, Katerine had a good life. Sometimes, she remembers it in clips and segments. She remembers being a child on Ariel, her family comfortably middle class. She remembers a proper schooling, and all the concerns of growing up in a big city. She got her first Cortex terminal when she was eight, and taught herself to browse and them to program. The Hacking came later, when she was in her teens. It was innocent enough (wasn’t it?), just idle snooping. No big deal…

The next thing she clearly remembers is wandering the streets of Eavesdown, broken and alone. Something is wrong inside her; in her mind. She sees things that aren’t there, hears things, too. But what’s worse, she knows things. Random bits of information, with the awful realization that she shouldn’t know it. She was found by Shepherd Talbot, who intervened when she ran afoul of some unscrupulous flesh peddlers, and rescued her. That was three months ago. She’s gotten a bit better in that time, but is still broken. She has realized that she can hear The Signal, that it sometimes tells her things. But it doesn’t always make sense. For instance, she has known for a while that the Shepherd is dying, and it frightens her, as she doesn’t know what will become of her when he does. The Shepherd has a plan, however, as Kit is soon to discover…


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